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Watch: Luke Shaw Amazing Goal | Manchester City 0-2 Manchester United

City are turning the screw now, and United’s decision to drop Lindelof and Maguire next to Henderson for goalkicks is inviting pressure in their third.

City have improved in most areas but are still poor when they get the goal in sight, but United can’t rely on that lasting for the whole 90 minutes.

City have been better in terms of possession and calmness, but they are not presenting any kind of goal threat.

In this 21-game winning run they have only been behind once, to Cheltenham in the FA Cup, so this is a real test of their patience and belief, as United drop ever deeper.

United are in danger of peaking after five minutes. The defensive spine of Hendeson, Lindelof and Maguire has been really secure so far and the selection of Lindelof over Bailly has been vindicated so far.

Fred and McTominay’s passing has been abysmal and there is only so long United can get away with that sloppiness against possession merchants like City.

A better spell of possession from City in the United half, but it doesn’t lead to much. Shaw cleans up, he’s started well at left-back for United. Martial then looks likely when receiving a pass from Fred.

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