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Breaking News: Twist in Raphael Varane Transfer To Manchester United

Raphael Varane

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has offered an update on Raphael Varane’s position, confirming that the defender is STILL a Real Madrid player.

It has been two weeks since Manchester United declared that they had struck an agreement with Real Madrid to acquire Varane’s services, but the trade has yet to be formally finalized.

The Premier League season kicks out tomorrow, and there is no word on when Varane will be permitted to attend Man United training, much alone play a game for his new team.

It’s a difficult scenario for everyone concerned – image what Varane is thinking right now.

During his news conference before of Manchester United’s Premier League opener against Leeds United, Solskjaer was grilled on the subject, as one would expect. Here’s what he had to say about it…

The “it’ll be done soon” that Solskjaer concludes with should dispel any remaining worries among Manchester United supporters, but the truth remains that “it’s not 100 percent done yet.”

Nobody can deny that the isolation period has been difficult, but is that any justification for Man United not completing the appropriate paperwork and signing off on the deal?

Romelu Lukaku is still quarantined and will be unable to play this weekend, but he was officially introduced as a Chelsea player on Thursday. What are Manchester United up to?

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